“Babies feet are amongst the very cutest things in the world. It evolves the strangest sentiment, a mixture of awe and admiration combined with a fierce tenderness” – Infant Times

"The first time I saw and felt my little boy's handprints and footprints, I had to fight back tears. Those tiny little hands & feet just melts my heart" - Mrs May Yeo, First time Mother

“If I have more babies, I will make foot imprints for them as well. Otherwise, they will ask me why they were left out.” – Mrs. Lam, Customer

“My husband regards it as a rare collection!” – Mrs. Dino Tan, Mother of 2.5 months old Brandon, Customer

“Our mission is to help parents of newborn babies to commemorate and immortalize the sentiment and wonderful memories of the early moments of their newborn arrivals forever by reproducing the hands &/or feet imprints that can be intrinsically preserved” – Mr. Steven Seah, Creative Director/CEO

What Better Way to Celebrate Life's Little Miracles!

To Capture, Share, Preserve & Cherish the precious moments of our baby's growing up... 1st Cry, 1st Month, 1st Birthday, 1st Step... We all know how quickly that happens.

Baby’s Handprint and Footprint Portrait, is the most unique personalized and well treasured portrait that depicts an auspicious start to our life or otherwise known as “First Step of Life’. Making a baby footprints and handprints is a perfect way to capture the joy and wonderment of your baby’s early life, and create a permanent record of just how tiny and adorable those little toes and hands are. Your little bundle of joy is sure to grow all too quickly, and most parents find those first few months in their newborn’s life pass by in a flash.

For generations to come, this unique personalized portrait will be cherished and become treasured keepsakes to the parents and child when they recount and share all the happy moments together. A beginning of A FAMILY TRADITION……..

Dedicated to providing excellence before and after sales services – from actual moulding of hand and foot imprints to the production of the portrait, stringent quality control is observed throughout the entire process. All components of our portrait are of the best technologies available that are design to last. Due to this promise of quality and highly personalized services, we have been able to maintain a long-serving relationship with all our clients.


A Gift of Love...

100% Authentic

Moulded directly from baby's hands and feet by our professionally trained consultant, from as early as new born. Individually hand crafted to perfection (From the original creators of Tic Tac Toe).

Safe Moulding Compound

Does not cause skin irritation even for newborn (Certified & Tested - Complies with the European Safety Standards EN71/3).

Our Imprints

Coated in Industrial Gold, Silver, Copper, Natural or 24K Gold finishes.

Customise Design

Tailored to individual taste or traditional concepts.


Durable and Will not tarnish.

Ease of Convenience

Hospital and House calls available.

Value for Money

Lifetime Warranty (Basic package at only S$189).

Corporate Events

Such as Official Opening Ceremony, Launching of an Event, Wedding and many more......