Best Imprezzione is the sole designer & producer of personalized foot and hand imprints portraits in Singapore (possibly worldwide). The company was officially opened in March 1992, producing handprints & footprints masterpiece for newborn babies, children and even adults for commemorative purposes. Our clientele ranges from individuals to corporate firms and government organizations.

The founder is Mr. Steven Seah who decided to establish this business after viewing a film that portrayed the imprint of a foot embedded in a rock. He spent some 14 months on extensive market survey, research and development to perfect the forumla for the moulding compound, imprinting process and technical know-how to produce safe, unique and lasting imprints. The Company has since registered its Trademark in Singapore, Malaysia & Taiwan and is in the process of registering in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Australia, China, and United States.

In 1992, we opened our first retail outlet at KK Hospital and a production line at Ubi. Since then, we have extended our services to 5 Major maternity hospitals and Liang Court Shopping Mall. It is a never-ending quest for the company to continue providing top quality products & services and is also firmly committed to long-term expansion plans locally and internationally.

Our Services are available at :
KK Women's Children's Hospital
Mt. Alvernia Hospital
Mt. Elizabeth Hospital (Orchard)
Raffles Hospital
Metro Centrepoint, Kids Dept (By Appointment Only)
Liang Court, #02-31A